Source code for pecg.Example

import numpy as np
import wfdb

[docs]def load_example(ecg_type: str) -> (np.ndarray, int): """ The load_example function loads ECG signal from some of the PhysioNet open source datasets. There are three types of ECG examples: long single lead ECG, 12-lead and a Holter with two channels. :param ecg_type: The type of the signal that you would like download: 'single-lead', '12-lead' and 'Holter'. :return: * signal: the ECG signal as a ndarray, with shape (L, N) when L is the number of channels or leads and N is the number of samples. * fs: The sampling frequency of the signal [Hz]. .. code-block:: python import pecg from pecg.Example import load_example signal, fs = load_example(ecg_type='12-lead') """ if ecg_type == 'Holter': signal, fields = wfdb.rdsamp('100', pn_dir='mitdb') if ecg_type == '12-lead': signal, fields = wfdb.rdsamp('JS00001', pn_dir='ecg-arrhythmia/WFDBRecords/01/010') if ecg_type == 'single-lead': signal, fields = wfdb.rdsamp('a01', pn_dir='apnea-ecg') #signal = np.transpose(signal) return signal, fields['fs']